Dragon'S Network Of Champions
Our Lady Dragon's Training and Development program has decided to partner with other Organizations to continue to build players and team with our development philosophies throughout our region.

We have decided to work with these organization to ensure all players receive the best instructions and development form dedication coaches and professionals throughout our region.

The partnering Organizations have the same common goals to ensure all our members are in an environment that will provide the knowledge, skill development, competitive environment to reach their desired goals on and off the court. 

This Network of Champions is designed to provide our members with more quality coaching, more player development sessions, and resources for contious competitive play through High School, College, and professionally. 

Our members will not only learn new skills and meeting new friends but they will be placed in an environment to learn life and sport related lessons for continuous achievements.  Faciliatation of information to our members for preperation for private/public High School play but we also provide the resources necessary to prepare them for college and professional competition and gameplay.

While incorporating philosophies for building people and players of tomorrow.  By providing our members with a innnovative training program and instilling philosophies to our members for the  highest level competition.

We are committed bring the best out of our members in the most competitive region in the country.
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